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Dukes of Luck discover ‘farm find’ Dodge Daytona

We can all debate the legitimacy of the countless ‘barn finds’ that keep emerging, but it won’t hamper our fascination. This ultra-rare Dodge Charger Daytona has been languishing on an Alabama farm for some 40 years, and its condition is spell-binding…

Dukes of Luck

Just 560-odd Dodge Charger Daytonas were built in order to homologate the model for NASCAR racing though, at the time, the 18-foot-long production car was unloved and its ungainly proportions deemed ugly. Now they’re collectors' gold, owing to their rareness (some 390 are thought to remain) and motorsport significance. Imagine, then, the joy of Charlie Lyons – diehard Mopar enthusiast and owner of a classic Chrysler restoration workshop in Alabama – when he caught wind of an original two-owner Daytona languishing on a farm not far from where he's located. Some persistence and perseverance paid off, and he was able to buy the Charger Red Daytona from its owner. It was allegedly kept running until around four years ago, though will obviously need a lot of work to bring it back to its former glory.

Perhaps the best feature of this particular Daytona is the flames painted on the front wings. Still visible beneath accumulated dust and dirt (or should we say patina?), they were the work of the car’s 18-year-old owner, who wanted to really stand out on his Spring Break in Panama City. The car will be sold ‘as seen’ at Mecum’s Kissimmee, Florida auction later this month, estimated at 150,000-180,000 US dollars.

Photos: Mecum

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