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The Datsun 280ZX Turbo is a black and golden wonder worth cashing in on

Offering a true slice of 1980s JDM delight thanks to its plethora of digitised gadgetry and futuristic styling, this Datsun 280ZX Turbo heading to Henderson Auctions’ upcoming sale on May 18th is your golden ticket to coolness!

First introduced to the US market in 1981 alongside its naturally aspirated sibling, this 280ZX Turbo was far more than just a whimsical look into the future of sports cars: it was a true driver’s car and one that would continue where its predecessor, the 240Z, left off.

Using a single Garrett turbocharger good for an extra 40 horsepower, the 280ZX boasted a then-impressive output of 180 horsepower. Its free-flowing 2.8-litre engine welcomed the boost, allowing the rev-range to be enjoyed to its fullest, and producing a car that was mightily fast, as well as agile. In fact, at the time of its release in the US market, the 280ZX Turbo was the fastest Japanese import on American streets!

One of the defining characteristics of the Datsun was its interior. The car boasted a cabin space unlike any other Japanese imports, for it was one designed with US owners at its core and came with a healthy dose of high-tech innovation thrown in to really sweeten the deal. The car features a digital dash and even a voice alert system, where a friendly voice reminds you if you have left a door ajar or are low on fuel. These are minor quirks that almost all modern cars are now littered with, but during the 1980s, this was truly pioneering.  

This example heading to Henderson’s Auction’s upcoming sale on May 18th is in good company, with the later 300ZX also heading under the hammer, but we think this sleek black over tan racer is the one to go for. With gold accents throughout the exterior, striking badging and a number plate surround that says ‘Now you Z it’, what more could you possibly want from a peak-1980s sports car?