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Cool & Vintage has turned this wreck into a work of art

At Cool & Vintage in Lisbon, old Landys live to die another day. Its newest project shows the miracles the Portuguese creative workshop is capable of…

If you want a Cool & Vintage Land Rover, you best be patient – the Portuguese company’s order books are full for the next 12 months. It’s not surprising, really, given that each car takes around six months to build and only 10 leave its workshops each year. Once disassembly is complete, around 1,000 man-hours are invested into the cars, and it’s up to the customer to decide whether the engine and mechanicals are restored or simply replaced altogether. Every detail is accounted for, from the brakes, suspension, fuel tanks, exhausts, and custom leather interior. It’s not without pride when Cool & Vintage state that its cars are just like they left the factory. And let’s face it – what’s a couple of months when you’ll end up with your own personal Land Rover that’s as timeless as it is unique. 

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