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The Citroën H gets a new sporty makeover

Like a Sauternes and foie gras, or a beret and Breton stripes, Citroën and Le Coq Sportif are two French icons that just naturally work well together, as evidenced by their recent collaboration for the the Type H's 70th anniversary…

This week, at Birmingham’s Commercial Vehicle Show, Citroën debuted two very patriotic vans: their classic Type H and the newer Jumpy. In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Type H, and inspired by sporting brand Le Coq Sportif using a Type H as a promotional vehicle at cycling events in the past, the two French companies decided to work together to customise both the interior and exterior of the traditional transporter and its successor. Each have been finished in the Triocolore of France — blue, white, and red — and have been designed to be used as mobile bicycles workshops, where one can fix seats, pedals, and gears, quickly mend a jersey, or even make a café au lait to boost energy levels before the next race. If you've missed them in Birmingham, the two vans are set to travel along to Le Coq Sportif's upcoming communications events, so keep your eyes open at sports matches throughout the summer!

Photo: Citroën

A handful of Citroën H vans can be found in the Classic Driver Market.