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This Brazilian-built Alpine A108 Interlagos gives us the Willys!

First time’s the charm? That was definitely the case with Brazil’s first sportscar, the stunning Alpine A108 Interlagos. Now you could pick up this South American beauty at Aguttes’ Summer Sale on June 25th.

Brazil is famous for many things: stunning beaches, wild rainforests, and even a number incredibly fast racing drivers, but sports cars aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when you think of the South American nation. However, the Brazilians have produced a few automotive stunners, and this jaw-dropping 1966 Alpine A108 Interlagos coming for auction at Aguttes' Summer Sale on June 25th is one of them. 

Sure, they might have been copying France’s homework, but it was all part of an agreement between Alpine and Willys-Overland of Brazil. From 1962 to 1966, just 822 examples of these perfectly proportioned, rear-engined sports cars were built out of São Bernardo do Campo, in São Paulo, making it the very first Brazilian-built sports car ever. Named after the Interlagos Circuit to highlight its sporting ambitions, like its French sister car, the A108 Interlagos was entered in a number of international events, including the Tour de France Automobile.

This example was owned by a major French collector and underwent an extensive restoration between 2017 and 2019 in Belgium. This involved a respray, alongside the replacement of the brakes, tyres, clutch, fuel tank, fuel pump and water pump, while the engine was also overhauled. Now in great condition and equipped with the improved 70 horsepower Dauphine 1093 engine, this featherweight A108, weighing in at 535 kg unladen, will surely surprise you with its performance and eagerness to make you smile. We think you’ll agree, as far as first attempts go, this Brazilian sports car is pretty impressive indeed!