BMW Art Cars in Shoreditch, London 2012

Step down from those fixies, smooth down the Hoxton quiffs and raise the ear-flaps on your trooper hats, Shoreditch: the BMW Art Cars are in town...

...or at least they were, as the special exhibition closed on 4 August 2012.

To celebrate its prominent association with the London Olympics, the Bavarian manufacturer brought several of its famous racing cars decorated by modern artists (Warhol, Lichtenstein et al) to a car park in Great Eastern Street, London EC2.

There were the cars, in all their multi-coloured glory… and pity the innocent commuter who might have returned to his new 3 Series to find it covered in spray can graffiti, “adding even more energy to an already vibrant artistic scene in London’s East End,” we are sure.

Photos: BMW

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