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Blast away those Boxing Day blues with a Ferrari F40

Rather than staying in and dwelling on those Boxing Day blues, why not get out and enjoy the day in your classic car? Italian racing driver Mirko Venturi has the right idea in this stunning video, choosing arguably the most exhilarating car of them all – the Ferrari F40…

When a dream becomes reality

Produced by Classic Driver dealer Kidston SA, this beautifully shot video depicts Venturi dreaming of driving a Ferrari F40, wheeling a model version around his desk. His dream then becomes a reality, as his garage door slowly rises to reveal the unmistakeable silhouette of the real car. The rest is a thrilling, intoxicating ride aboard a genuine brute of a supercar. You’ve never wanted an F40 this much before. And why can’t all roads be like those in the Italian countryside? 

You can find a selection of Ferrari F40s listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.