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Berluti has built a bonny beach buggy

The Parisian luxury fashion brand Berluti has created its own exclusive take on the Meyers Manx Beach Buggy that’s crammed with leather, canvas and rose-tinted 1960s nostalgia…

The Meyers Manx Dune Buggy is so much more than the sum of its modest, predominantly VW-sourced parts. It’s a symbol of beach-born bohemian freedom, which admittedly we haven’t experienced a lot of so far this year. Thanks, Covid-19.

That’s probably why the luxury French leathermaker has diversified its product offering and created this fun-loving Dune Buggy just in time to see the summer out. Its ice-white, Manx-inspired glass-fibre shell sits atop a VW Beetle chassis cradling an air-cooled 1,600cc engine producing about 90HP. More interesting is the beautifully patinated Epernay leather upholstery throughout the interior and the Berluti canvas roof slash roll bar slash surfboard holder featuring a monogram pattern designed by its head designer Kris Van Assche. Best of all, Berluti’s recent Globe-Trotter collaboration fits perfectly on the luggage rack. Now, which of the most glamorous beach spots will it be first – St. Tropez or Malibu?

Photos: Berluti

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