Audi reveals 174mph TT RS plus

Audi has unveiled the ‘plus’ version of its TT RS, releasing an additional 20bhp from the 2.5-litre engine and, more surprisingly, making it capable of 174mph.

Available in both coupé and roadster form, the TT RS plus receives tweaks to its turbocharged, five-cylinder engine which boost power to 355bhp – 20bhp more than the ‘tamer’, non-plus RS. The electronically limited top speed is also raised to 174mph (from 155mph), and on its way there the RS plus will crack the 0-62mph sprint in 4.1 seconds in coupé form; the roadster needing an extra tenth of a second to complete the same feat. Aural drama is also heightened, due to a flap in the exhaust opening when the accelerator’s scope is explored.

However, the plus version does offer a little more than supplementary engine performance and commotion: a carbonfibre engine bay and revised suspension set-up lead changes beneath the metal, while a redesigned spoiler and black and red 19-inch alloy wheels augment the battle-ready appearance of the regular TT RS.

The TT RS plus will make its debut on Audi’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show in March, where it will do battle with the all-new A3 and RS4 Avant for the limelight. Prices in Germany will start at 60,650 euros, which equates to around 51,000 of the Queen’s finest.


Audi reveals 174mph TT RS plus Audi reveals 174mph TT RS plus
Audi reveals 174mph TT RS plus Audi reveals 174mph TT RS plus


Photos: Audi

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