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Aston Martin Works to offer ‘Assured Provenance’ certification

Inspired by the popularity of Ferrari’s Classiche certification programme, Aston Martin Works has announced it will offer its own in-house authentication process, entitled ‘Assured Provenance’…

Background check

The new service centres around an in-depth background check ‘back home’ at the Aston Martin Works facility in Newport Pagnell. Each car submitted to the programme will undergo a digital scan (held in a secure archive for future reference), and in-depth visual and mechanical inspections before the findings are submitted to a newly formed sanctioning committee. This team – made up of marque experts including Aston Martin Works’ staff – will then award one of four levels of verification depending on its findings, ranging from bronze to platinum. Owners of successful cars are then supplied with a hand-crafted presentation case, comprising an illustrated photographic record book, a Heritage Assured Provenance certificate, a memory stick with digital data, and two sets of dashboard and sill plaques.

The first cars being submitted for authentication will be received within the next few weeks, with the first meeting of the sanctioning committee set to take place this month. 

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