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Aston Martin Paris: The art of understatement

Who’d have thought it – the French have become masters of British understatement. At least that applies to Aston Martin Paris, where an amazing treasure trove hides behind an unassuming façade…

Tucked away in a discreet location in the 15th arrondissement of Paris is a second location, a Bond villain-style secret lair of sorts

The glass-fronted Aston Martin Paris showroom is situated in a prime location on the Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, just behind the Grand Palais. However, tucked away in a more discreet location (on the small Rue de la Cavalerie in the 15th arrondissement of Paris) is a second location, a Bond villain-style secret lair of sorts. Here, only a small sign and a frosted glass window hints at the wealth of treasures within – and the company’s clients appreciate the famous British understatement of not only the cars, but also the service. 

A touch of British class in the home of French style

Inside the minimalist showroom are the latest and most exclusive models from Gaydon, including Virage, Rapide and Vanquish, as well as the limited-edition V12 Zagato. Also present are several classics, but their stay here is often a short one, as demand for these is high. Managing Director Alain Aziza, a former dentist, opened the business in 1991 and has since sold several hundred cars per year.

Her Majesty’s secret (customer) service

The ‘lair’ on Rue de la Cavalerie spans an area of 3,500 square metres, a base for everything from servicing and minor repairs all the way up to complete restorations backed by the official ‘Aston Martin Heritage’ stamp of approval. Here, the breadth of Aston Martin’s products is illustrated: a city-friendly Cygnet watches over a rare Vantage Le Mans, both painted bright red. At another location in the suburbs of Paris, Aziza also operates an approved body repair centre.

Static supercar showdown, starring V12 Zagato and One-77

The real spectacle, however, lies a storey below. More than two-dozen modern Astons – in either black or grey – are gathered here, including a trio of V12 Zagatos and a One-77. The Parisian customers appreciate this type of discretion – and the prospect of parking their cars safely within a stone’s throw of the Eiffel Tower. Also hidden from prying eyes are a Bugatti Veyron, a Ferrari F40 and a coachbuilt Maybach coupé – a sight surprising enough to make Mr Bond splutter over his Martini. 

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