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Aston Martin has revealed the price and interior of new DBX SUV

Not only do we now know how much Aston Martin’s new DBX will cost when the order books open later this month, but we’ve also had our first look at the SUV’s luxuriously appointed interior…

The order books for Aston Martin’s first SUV, christened the DBX and poised to be built at the marque’s St Athan plant in Wales, will open following its global debut at the Beijing Motor Show on 20 November. And the price, we hear you cry? In mainland Europe, the DBX will cost 193,500 euros including three years of servicing. Before the silk sheet is pulled off the car in China, Aston has further teased the press and public by revealing its interior. And doesn’t it look like a lovely place to sit? 

Months and months were reportedly spent determining the perfect driving and passenger positions, chief designer Marek Reichman even inviting a group of children to the design studio to share their experiences of climbing into and out of the big SUV and consulting with an all-female advisory board to ensure every switch and button was perfectly placed. The generously sized side windows and expansive panoramic roof are also said to make the cabin feel particularly airy. Given Aston Martin’s threatening financial circumstances of late, a huge amount of importance rests on the sales of the DBX. We sincerely hope it won’t be able to sell them quick enough. 

Photos: Aston Martin 

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