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Aston Martin enthusiasts: what do you notice about this Smart Brabus?

If names like Cumberland Grey, Chiltern Green or Silver Birch Metallic make your heart beat faster, we probably share the same passion for Aston Martin and the brand’s iconic colour palette. What this has to do with a modern Smart? Well, keep on reading.

If there is one thing the British and Japanese culture have in common, it’s the will to go the extra mile and invest unthinkable efforts into details that are almost invisible to everyone beyond a circle of initiates, a passion for the utmost discretion, the nerdiest connoisseurship and a strong dedication to the ultimate understatement. Funnily, what made us ponder upon these questions of aesthetics and culture today was not a well-patinated classic car from the Classic Driver Market, but this 2018, pearl-while Smart Brabus. While nothing stands out about this car at first glance, the former owner has invested a considerable amount of thought (and money) into the customization of this city cruiser by commissioning the car to be painted in the Aston Martin colour Silver Blonde by the Brabus Tailor Made department. 

Inside, the interior has been covered in Deep Sea Blue leather with Silver Blonde stitching matching the exterior. We don’t know for certain, but we like to imagine the Smart was used as a tender to a much bigger and bolder land yacht in the exact same specification, maybe an Aston Martin DB11 or even a Vanquish Zagato. Now you might say that almost 30.000 Euros for a used Smart is a lot of money. But what good is money anyway compared to the pleasures of nerdy connoisseurship and the ultimate understatement?