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Are you ready to fall in love with the Fiat Panda 4x4 Piccolo Lusso?

Niels van Roij Design know a thing or two about customising cars to their extreme, and as the loveable Fiat Panda turns 40 years young, the team got to work on a fusion of style and heritage.

It’s perhaps one of the most loveable cars on the road. Following the simplicity and classless elegance that made the original Mini and Fiat 500 so appealing, Fiat’s Panda has retained its boxy charm for a grand total of four decades in 2023. Over the years their popularity has certainly grown, we’ve participating in several memorable trips with them, and now, customising masters Niels van Roij Design present their latest restomodded creation: the Fiat Panda 4x4 Piccolo Lusso.

What it lacks in size, the Piccolo Lusso makes up for in luxury. Built in collaboration with our friends at Kaeve Cars, known for their quirky and incredibly rare collector car sales, the duo took inspiration from the resplendent Italian Mediterranean Sea. The exterior paint finish, aptly named Azzurro Blu, encapsulates the allure of the azure waters along the Italian coasts, and brings a softness to the Panda’s boxy frame.

Inside, expect to see a celebration of art and style, a place where Niels van Roij has really let his imagination run riot. The soft leather upholstery, elegantly embellishing the door panels, seats, dashboard, steering wheel, sun visors, and more, is a mix of luxury and sophistication, two words not usually associated with the Panda’s interior. The colour palette chosen for the interior resembles a nod to Mediterranean architecture, further pushing the Italian narrative. 

This one-off Fiat Panda 4x4 Piccolo Lusso was a working machine before its glamourous makeover, something that the team were keen to pay homage to. The Sisley emblem of the 'man in a canoe' was integrated into the headrests, door panels, and steering wheel, serving as a constant reminder of the Panda's appeal and the unique Sisley donor car it was made from.

We may be quite a while from St Valentine’s Day, but we’re certainly feeling the love for this quirky little Panda 4x4. The best part? It's currently for sale!