American ‘Birds take flight at Motostalgia’s Amelia Island sale

Like the strong and majestic bald eagle, the Plymouth Superbird and the Ford Thunderbird are iconic American national treasures in their own right. Combine those with some American dream customs, and Motostalgia’s Amelia Island sale should bring great pride stateside. Here are our top 10…

Making car auctions great again

The homeland of the stars and stripes has seen quite a bit of turmoil these past few months, but Motostalgia’s Amelia Island sale on 11 March is sure to brighten things up a bit. What better company to present the famous ‘Birds of the ’70s and ’80s than Texas-based Motostalgia, which will be auctioning off a Vitamin C Orange 1970 Plymouth Superbird (est. 150,000–185,000 dollars) and a National Women’s Speed Record-winning 1989 Ford Thunderbird (est. 180,000–250,000 dollars). There is nothing more American dream-fulfilling than building your own car and the ultimate dream came into fruition with the construction of the Bugatti Pacific Type 57 Bespoke Creation by Delahaye USA (est. 240,000–300,000 dollars), and the Ford GT40 Mark I Recreation by RCR (est. 135,000–165,000 dollars). For more cars from both the United States and the world over, check out the entire catalogue in the Classic Driver Market.

Our 10 highlights