All Time Stars – Mercedes-Benz to offer classic models for sale

Always dreamt of owning a classic Mercedes but dreaded the guesswork involved when it comes to buying? Fear not – the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart has introduced a classic car sales department, where all stock will be subject to a stringent in-house 160-point inspection…

A reputation to uphold

Longevity and reliability have always been hallmarks of Mercedes’ cars, and now the German manufacturer wants to ensure that its classics uphold that reputation. As such, the official museum in Stuttgart will offer classic Mercedes for sale, all of which will be thoroughly inspected by in-house experts, with faults carefully documented to ensure buyer-seller transparency. Named ‘All Time Stars’, the programme’s stock will be divided into categories – Premium Edition, Collectors Edition, and Drivers Edition – in order to cater to a wide-ranging audience, from discerning aficionados to everyday-drivers.

Text: Frank Diebel

Photos: Mercedes-Benz

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