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Addio, Gallardo! A bull says goodbye

Shed a tear, for there will be no further special models with endless combinations of letters and numbers: after 10 years of production, and 14,022 cars, Sant'Agata has waved goodbye to the last Lamborghini Gallardo. We will miss the little bull...

It was the most successful Lamborghini of all time - and is already establishing itself as a classic. The compact, angular, 10-cylinder sports car designed by Luc Donckerwolke was a sensation at the 2003 Geneva Show. This was followed by countless special and racing versions, much to the delight of the Classic Driver team. Next spring is likely to bring us the successor to the 'little bull'. We are curious to see if it will be a match for the sharp-edged purism of the Gallardo. 

A design icon with the potential to become a classic? Numerous Lamborghini Gallardos are available in the Classic Driver Market.