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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

Hundreds of cars are added to the Classic Driver Market each week, and it’s never a chore rifling through them to bring you the most special machines. We dislike the term ‘unrepeatable’, but with these five cars we think the description is entirely warranted…

Alfaholics anonymous

Alfaholics might be best known for its potent restomod versions of the 105 series Alfa Romeos, but the Somerset-based company also carries out meticulous period restorations. Take this GTA 1600 Stradale from 1965, for example. Having spent much of its life in the south of France, the car was in remarkably good condition when Alfaholics got its hands on it in 2012. During the comprehensive ‘rotisserie’ restoration, a number of subtle upgrades were applied to the drivetrain and the suspension, making it ideal for fast road use. Tour Auto 2019, anyone? 

Reuse, recycle

Before the F40 officially went into production, Ferrari built a handful of prototype and development cars, of which this example is the last. As a result, it differs from the ‘standard’ cars in several charming ways – it’s got the seats from the LM, Lexan sliding windows, fog lights either side of the rear plate, and headlining attached directly to the roof. There are various other differences beneath the surface that nod to its former testing duties, too. Interestingly, the car was subsequently sold as ‘new’ and many of the prototype features were sadly changed to be more like the production version. However, during a recent recommissioning by Michelotto in Italy, it has been painstakingly restored to exactly as it was when it left the factory gates for the first time. In the world of F40s, it’s hard to find a truly unique example such as this. 

Especially for Paul-Ernst

A Porsche factory racer turned official Porsche dealer, Paul-Ernst Strähle ordered this special 996 Turbo in 2001. In addition to the paint-to-sample ‘Gelb Orange’ bodywork (the exact same shade as the 914/6 GT he raced in the period), the car has the full Clubsport interior, including the roll cage, bucket seats, and rare rear-seat delete. Strähle sold it after 8,000km and it shows just 47,000km today. 

Brave pills required

If you’re the kind of person who likes to scare themselves silly, be it on a rollercoaster or by jumping out of a plane, this Ariel Atom V8 might just take the adrenalin to new heights. It’s 3-litre V8, which is essentially two Hayabusa engines melded together, develops 500HP. Coupled with the fact the car tips the scales at 550kg and has virtually zero protection from the elements, you’ve got arguably one of the fastest, most exciting, and most exhilarating road-legal sports cars money can buy. It’s rare, too – just 25 of these V8 atoms were produced, of which this example from 2014 is number three. 

Group A antics

Group A touring car racing in the late 1980s and early 1990s witnessed some of the fiercest and most exciting battles in motorsport’s history. Heroes such as Roberto Ravaglia, Andy Rouse, and Steve Soper fought hammer and tong for the spoils, and their antics earned the sport a huge international audience. This 1989 BMW E30 M3 has been painstakingly built to Group A specifications over a two-year period and the work looks simply sublime – check it out for yourself

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