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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

Our latest batch of Market Finds is ready, and that can only mean one thing: we’ve found five of the most irresistible collector cars currently for sale on the Internet.

Blue Your Mind

The Ferrari 275 GTC was already in the running for the most beautiful prancing horse ever built, but this example’s factory Azzurro Metallizzato over Nero Connolly leather specification has us totally bowled over. This 1966 275 GTC has an incredibly detailed ownership history, which reflects how this example has been steadily enjoyed throughout its life. It now shows a healthy 73,457 kilometres on the clock, despite looking like it rolled out of Maranello yesterday.

First rejuvenated in 2004, when it was changed to dark blue over red, it was again restored in 2011 at the hands of Carrosserie Lecoq, who returned it to its stunning factory specification. Notably, this Ferrari is one of three 275 GTBs equipped with a chassis stamped ‘GTC’, meaning it was built for endurance racing and boasts a longnose, torque tube, 3 carbs, and a steel body. We’d be willing to bet this iconic Colombo V12-powered Ferrari drives just as good as it looks, but it’s up to you to find out! 




Michelotti’s Roller

Giovanni Michelotti was a titan of the automotive design world. A renowned coachbuilder famed for his jaw-dropping Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, and Maseratis, it turns out he was just as adept at styling luxurious limousines as he was Italian sports cars. This one-off 1968 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I was built by Michelotti at the request of Pierre Scapula, famous interior designer and collector of antiques. 

After an unsuccessful first styling exercise on a Silver Shadow Long Wheel Base, Scapula provided his own design, which Michelotti then interpreted to produce the stunning land yacht you see here. In fact, out of respect for Scapula, Michelotti refrained from adding his emblem to the car. While in need of some TLC, this unique work of art offers unparalleled levels of both comfort and style and ranks among the most attractive models to bear the Spirit of Ecstasy. 



Pint-Sized Pugilist 

The image most of us associate with Marcos is that of their menacing, long-nosed, fibreglass-bodied sports cars, but the British firm was also known for rebodying the iconic original Mini, like this extremely rare 1966 Mini Marcos 1275 Mk1. 

Benefitting from a completely rebuilt engine, this Speedwell Blue Mini Marcos combines the Mini’s giant-slaying prowess and near-supernatural cornering ability with an ultra-lightweight fibreglass body, which will no doubt disguise the meagre 34 horsepower output. If any more convincing was required, this example has only had two previous owners, which surely is a testament to how much fun can be had in this light blue backroad missile. Eligible for many historic competitions, this Mini Marcos is the ride for you if embarrassing full-fat sports cars is on your 2024 agenda. 




Virgil Was Here

Virgil Abloh left an indelible mark on music, fashion, and car culture, and before his passing in 2021, he collaborated with Mercedes’ head of design, Gordon Wagener on the unforgettable ‘Project Maybach’ concept car. While the all-terrain grand tourer never made production, its fabulous two-tone Obsidian Black and Colorado Beige colour scheme did in the form of just 150 examples of this: the Mercedes-Benz S680 Virgil Abhloh Edition.

This 2023 S680 is one of only 39 built for the USA and currently shows just 60 miles on the odometer. Alongside the many details specific to the Virgil Abloh Edition, this S680 boasts several optional extras, including the Executive Rear Seat Plus package, refrigerated rear seat console, and matching champagne flutes. Despite its stately appearance, this 621 horsepower, V12-powered Marc can still rocket to 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds, so take care not to spill any bubbly on that lush Nappa leather interior! 




Midnight Club

When it comes to Nissan’s iconic GT-R lineage, there are a few shades that get fans as excited as Midnight Purple II, so the next custodian of this glorious 1999 R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R  V-Spec should expect a never-ending sea of smartphones with every drive. It’s not just the colour-shifting magic of this hue that generates such excitement, but also its rarity: this is one of only 282 examples ever painted in Midnight Purple II. 

Currently showing just over 50,000 kilometres, this low mileage, unmodified R34 would be perfect for any collector of JDM icons, but we hope the next custodian will share this RB26-powered beauty with the world rather than sealing it away. After all, that 2.6-litre twin-turbocharged straight six is adored by petrol heads around the globe for more than just its tuning potential.