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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

They say variety is the spice of life, and that's exactly what keeps us entertained week in, week out as we gather some delights from the Classic Driver Market. Celebrity-owned Mercs, Volvo’s most stylish creation, and a monstrous Jensen are on the menu this week…

Cancel that Purosangue order

Sure, Ferrari’s latest ‘FUV’ might have a fair bit more horsepower, slightly more ground clearance, and a healthy dosing of intelligent technology inside, but the one thing it lacks is old-school allure and charisma, something this stunning Ferrari 412i from Eleven Cars has by the boatload.

Finished in a glorious colour combination, complete with a striking blue leather interior, the 412i may not be to every Ferrari-lover’s tastes, but with its spacious cabin, glorious V12 soundtrack and an unrivalled elegance, it’s a classic we’d absolutely love to have in our ever-growing imaginary car collection! 




Suave Swede

Although stylish in their own way, it’s rare that those describing a Volvo ever need to include the words ‘elegant’, or ‘pretty’. There is one exception though, and that’s the P1800. First launched to an eager crowd at the 1961 Brussels Motor Show, Volvo’s softly-styled, curvaceous coupé would remain in production for 11 years, with a boost in sales thanks to Roger Moore’s character Simon Templar in The Saint. 

This example, which is heading to Broad Arrow Auction’s upcoming Amelia Island sale, started life in Southern California, incredibly remaining in the same family until 2020, when it was given a full restoration and returned to its former glory. Sporting stunning Dark Metallic Grey paintwork over a rich red leather interior, this quirky coupé has a wonderful history and is ready to be enjoyed to its fullest once more.




Acid Trip

Whatever German-founded RUF have put their skilful hands to since the mid 1970s, it has turned to Porsche-derived gold. With each successive generation of the 911, RUFs creations challenged modifications to the limits of perfection, and some truly wonderful cars were born from this, with few as utterly glorious as the Turbo R.

One of 15 uniquely tailored examples produced, and believed to be one of a mere four equipped with AWD, this Grand Prix White example may look somewhat subtle on the outside, but its interior boasts lashings of Acid Green accents and arguably the coolest bucket seats in existence. With over 560 horsepower to play with, ceramic brakes, an integrated roll cage and 19-inch centre-lock alloy wheels, this is a true monster of the 1990s, and an absolute must for any 993-generation 911 lover. 




Help! There’s a monster under my hood

We’ve featured some utterly outrageous cars in our hundreds of editions of Market Finds. We’ve included multiple Dodge Vipers, and waxed lyrical about Jensen Interceptors, but we can safely say we’ve never spoken about those two cars as an amalgamation of each other, and yet, here we are.

The Viperceptor is the vision of Brook Anderson, who began this outrageous project way back in 2013, using his trusty 1974 Jensen as its base. The intention was to build a run of 25 Viperceptors for clients, with a little help from the team at Valley Gas Speed Shop in Hampshire. Although this was not to be, leaving this as the sole creation, this 510 horsepower, Jensen-shaped ballistic missile oozes cool factor. As you might have guessed, under the bonnet you’ll find a Dodge Viper 8.3-litre V10, giving it a glorious soundtrack to go along with its handsome modernised looks. Despite its transplant and updated appearance, the car carries the charm of the original Jensen Interceptor perfectly, and is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you take it.




Penny Lane Pullman

The history of the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman is one filled with famous owners, from heads of states, dictators and celebrities alike, the list of A-lister Pullman custodians just goes to show how popular this exquisitely produced land-yacht really was. This pearl white example is no exception, and was once owned by none other than John Lennon, who certainly put his musical earnings to good use when specifying his 600.

While many Pullmans were furnished with more house-like items, such as a mini bar or vanity station, Mr Lennon opted for features that helped provide a retreat for his creativity. Opting for extras such as a Blaupunkt radio, a Pioneer tape recorder, a Philips-Mignon record player and, naturally, a bunch more speakers. We can only imagine just how loud Lennon would blast ‘Get Back’ or ‘Come Together’ in the back of his big Benz. 

Incredibly, this Pullman’s history continues to impress, as in the early 1970s, John Lennon moved to the United States and his Pullman was sold to fellow Beatle George Harrison. Following Harrison’s ownership, Mary Wilson of The Supremes snapped it up, using the comfy cruiser while on tour in both the US and the UK, with the car staying in her ownership for almost 15 years!