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"The Jensen Viperceptor was built in 2013 by Valley Gas Speed Shop in Hampshire with the intention of re-defining what the Jensen Interceptor may have become if it were still in production. Every detail and upgrade was developed, lifted from its past and re-engineered to meet the demands of modern motoring. Described as powerful without being aggressive, luxurious without feeling spoilt and most importantly uniquely handbuilt from the ground-up to give the driver a constant reminder of the definition of luxury from a past era alongside 21st century engineering and looks.
The vision of Brook Anderson, who began the project in 2013 with a 1974 Jensen the intention was to build a run of 25 Viperceptors for clients. Alongside the team at Valley Gas Speed Shop in Hampshire he set to work on creating the Viperceptor, two years of work realising this creation with 510hp and 535lb ft of torque from a Dodge Viper 8.3 lire V10. The body was completely stripped of all components before being chemically stripped and new redesigned panels fitted. Other work included the shell seam sealed and waxoyled and a redesigned front valance, rear valance, side skirts, side vents and doors were all fitted direct from the CAD design as were the redesigned inner wings. Due to the new powertrain the bulkhead and transmission tunnel was re-fabricated and a new bespoke design fuel tank added, rounded off with a 3″ stainless steel exhaust with balance pipe and Borla exhaust boxes. Finishing touches came in the form of modern electrically operated door mirrors, Chrysler 300C angel eye headlights, all black chrome window glass surrounds, de-locked diode-operated doors and impressive new 20” Wheels.
Underneath all the exterior lies the heart of the Viperceptor, the Dodge Viper 8.3 litre engine matched to a four-speed gearbox from a Dodge Ram and independent suspension. At just under 1270kgs and 535 lb·ft of torque, the power we are told is outstanding with the handling well defined and direct. The adapted body is firm and poised compared to the original, which provides confidence of 21st century engineering keeping everything in balance. To achieve this, naturally such a car needs a fair amount of modification to put this power down, slow the V10 monster down and enable modern handling, the brakes are uprated to hi-spec 14½inch vented and slotted discs with six-pot calipers at the front and hi-spec 13½inch vented and slotted discs with four-pot calipers to the rear. The transmission is a four-speed 42RLE automatic gearbox with overdrive, bespoke propshaft, the suspension has been treated to uprated Spax fully adjustable dampers with modified springs, a 2.89:1 Salisbury Powerlock limited slip differential mounted in a new bespoke carrier system with a refurbished independent wishbone system, retained with geometry alterations for increased caster and negative camber anti roll bar. The concept was to deliver something extraordinary, a breathtaking piece of motoring art that also delivers a very unique driving experience.The interior was not to be outdone, with front and rear seats and all other trim items recovered in the highest quality leather hide to new subtle design that was both modern but providing a traditional look, an all-new carpet set with leather edging can be found under your feet whilst looking at the original dashboard recovered in leather but with a redesigned front and rear centre console and new white electronic speedometer and gauges. All of this rounded off with a leather three spoke Mota Lita steering wheel and modern Satnav/MP3 with Bluetooth connectivity.
This is not a car that has gone unnoticed, since its creation YouTubers, bloggers and journalists alike have covered the story. The intention from Valley Gas to produce 25-50 of these originally a wealth of information can be found online including footage of the car at the NEC cars show and market reports from Piston Heads. The history file is extensive with bills and details from the builder Valley Gas coupled to recent invoices from them equating to £27,000 for a recommissioning and full service due to the car having been part of a US collection for a number of years. Our vendor states that nothing turns heads quite like this car, he has on more than one occasion been stopped at traffic lights and service stations, chased by YouTubers and videoed at car events. The car is as fast as it is popular and the sound will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. On his most recent visit to Valley Gas he asked the price of recreating such a car and the answer would be in excess of £140,000 plus a donor car in good condition….but followed by the statement that they will not do another which leaves this as the only Viperceptor ever made. Consignor Mathew Priddy
A car with its own website more details can be found at https://viperceptor.co.uk/


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