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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

This week’s five car garage is a celebration of strange. They're all wildly different in speed, handling, and style, but each oozes character and style like nothing else on the road. Which of our Market Finds would you pick?

Le Mans on Sunday, Le Shops on Monday

In the early 1990s, Jaguar were hell-bent on redefining what the word ‘supercar’ meant. Their quest for absolute greatness took them on a whirlwind journey, which culminated in the creation of the XJR-15, the world’s first all-carbon fibre road car.

Powered by an alloy, 6-litre naturally aspirated V12, Jaguar’s supercar certainly had the power, and with Peter Stevens’ glorious pen-work on the design, the car was ticking all the right boxes to become an instant hit. This fine example available at DK Engineering is one of 27 road cars ever built, making it one of the rarest 1990s supercars of them all, and includes the 5-speed all-synchromesh gearbox of the 'street' version, a further £55,000 optional extra to add to the £600,000 price tag when new in 1991! As icons of British craftsmanship and collaborations go, the XJR-15 is about as special as it gets!




Hammer Time

No matter how many Mercedes-AMGs come and go, there are none that possess the road presence of the 6.0 SEC Hammer. Wide, muscular, and boasting a soundtrack that’ll rattle dentures, AMG took the humble 560 SEC and created a petrol-slurping, monstrous masterpiece. 

This Blue-Black example is the one to own and it's heading to RM Sotheby’s upcoming Las Vegas sale. This car shows a mere 89,044 kilometres on its odometer, allowing the new owner to fully enjoy this king cruiser to its fullest. As the values of pre and post-merger AMGs increase almost weekly, we expect 2024 and beyond to be very positive years for cars like this. 




Racy in Red

There are few cars as instantly recognisable as a classic Mini. Those cheeky front lights, the comically short wheelbase, and for those special editions, the added charm that a customised example brings. There are few as unique as this one, which was given the Car & Driver treatment in period, something very close to our heart, being the company that Classic Driver was born from. If you don’t believe us, you can read all about it in our new 25th Anniversary book

This scarlet example boasts stunning black Connolly Recaro leather seats, a sports exhaust, and a healthy dosing of Burl wood, giving this Mini a truly unique look. As values of classic Minis continue to show no signs of slowing anytime soon, unique creations such as this could prove to be an excellent investment. Plus, because they are so small, you can fit more into a collection – how’s that for logic?




Safety First, Style Second

Formula One has a long history of seriously cool safety cars. Often donning a Three-pointed star, the latest AMG models are frequently used as safety and fire vehicles as they chase the screaming race cars, but for circuits like Monza and Imola, a German wagon simply won’t do. 

Enter the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Sportwagen, a racy, stylish and oh-so-Italian wagon that was the perfect machine to be on scene should the worst happen. It comes loaded with fire equipment, a quick-released boot lid, as well as a full roll cage and a tank for a fire extinguishing system. Basically, just about everything you need to prepared when a racer runs out of talent. While an avid motorsport car collector will flock to the cars that competed, we think this is one estate that is certain to turn heads. 




Lean, Green and no Windscreen

The De Tomaso Guara is a rare and quirky car even in its more conventional, hardtop variant. Debuting at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show, the hardtop was quickly followed by a Spider, as well as perhaps the coolest variant of any car, ever, the Barchetta.

One of just 10 produced, this fine example heading to Bonham’s upcoming Abu Dhabi sale is desirably equipped with BMW's M60 engine, giving it plenty of power and theatre. This alloy V8 engine keeps overall weight to a minimum, at an impressive 1,050 kg. Finished in a fantastic shade of gunmetal over a turquoise green interior, this Guara boasts 10-spoke alloy wheels, optional Schroth harnesses, and BMW-sourced instrumentation and switchgear. One thing we’d like to add to that list is a set of goggles or helmet!