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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

You’ve made it through the week, now it’s time to treat yourself and your collection to a new automotive delicacy from our five Market Finds below. Get them while they’re hot!


Pet Scorpion

It’s not often that a manufacturer will sell you an honest-to-goodness rally weapon right from the showroom floor, but that’s exactly what Fiat did with the mighty Abarth 124 Rally. Built for the FIA’s Group R-GT category, the 124 Rally packed a firecracker 1.8-litre four cylinder pushing out 300 horsepower. Combine that with the 124 Rally’s curb weight of around a tonne, and you have something of an all-terrain weapon.

In fact, a 124 Rally won its class in both 2018 and 2019, proving that the scorpion badge still had its sting. This 2017 example has everything you need to tackle your local rally stages, and being rear-wheel drive, this should offer a lot more sideways antics than the equivalent AWD rally hatchback!




Heavenly B11

BMW’s M department is cool and all, but thanks to years of hooligans screeching around city centres in rather tatty M-badged Bimmers, it has developed a slight image problem. However, the exact opposite is true for Alpina, which has long remained the connoisseur’s choice of fast BMW, and this 1990 Alpina B11 is among their finest creations.

As far as specs go, you could do much, much worse than Diamond Black with gold Alpina pin striping, while the interior — a mix of beige leather and wooden trim — is rather attractive too, especially with that all-important manual gearbox. This 258 horsepower Autobahn cruiser might not be as light and nimble as an E30 M3, but at a fraction of the price and with a much more comfortable cabin, this is an excellent option if you’re hunting for your next daily. 




King of the Boxers

Koenig Specials are known for their tendency to go a little overboard with their creations, so this 1972 Ferrari 512 BB Koenig appears remarkably restrained for the tuning house, despite the addition of a Group 4 bodykit. 

While the body may not be as Enzo intended, the interior remains in outstanding, totally-original condition, while the brakes and air conditioning have enjoyed a refresh this year. Showing just over 31,000 miles, this 12-cylinder prancing horse could be your next faithful steed. 




Mugello Missile 

The B7-generation Audi RS4 Avant is one of the greatest fast family wagons ever built. It’s so great, in fact, that Audi still haven’t quite managed to recreate this model’s magic in the decade and a half since it launched. 

Powered by a raucous 4.2-litre V8 connected to manual gearbox, this RS4 was already winning in our books, but its immaculate specification really had us dreaming of daily driving this beauty. Finished in Mugello Blue over light grey, this is exactly how we would have specced our RS4 back in 2007, while the addition of a Bose sound system should make your next cross-continental road trip all the more enjoyable. 




Code Red 

The 964 Turbo was already up there with our all-time favourite Porsches, but this 1993 964 Turbo S Leichtbau really takes it to the next level. One of only 86 examples ever built, the Turbo S Leichtbau dropped nearly 180 kilos from the standard car’s weight, while adding 61 horsepower over a regular Turbo. Featuring fibreglass-reinforced carbon composite panels and practically no sound deadening, this remains one of the wildest incarnations of the 911 ever.

This example ups the ante even further with a host of extremely unusual and desirable special options. The Polar Silver exterior was already pretty enticing, and those Amethyst wheel centres are glorious, but this car’s all-red interior does things to us that we can’t repeat in writing. Combine all of the above with this car’s time-warp condition and odometer reading of just 47 miles, and you have yourself a truly unique opportunity for any discerning collector.