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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

It’s the freakin’ weekend! To celebrate, we’ve scoured the Classic Driver Market to bring you the five most utterly irresistible collector cars currently available. Take a look at this week’s Market Finds below.

The Goldilocks Zone

The new 911 S/T is nice and all, really nice in fact, but it will have to provide a near-divine driving experience to topple the current 911 collector belle of the ball: the landmark 997 GT3 RS 4.0. With only 600 examples ever built, it’s three times rarer than the S/T, and because it’s based on the smaller 997-generation chassis, it should prove to be easier to enjoy on public roads. 

This pristine one-owner example from 2011 presents beautifully in the 4.0’s iconic Carrera White and silver paint scheme. The wing might not be quite as gargantuan as that found on the 992 GT3 RS, but there’s still no mistaking this gem for anything less special. Currently showing just 7,271 miles on the clock, this example has been sparingly used over the last twelve years and has been maintained as fastidiously as you’d expect for a German example. Prices for GT3 RS 4.0s have been steadily climbing for some years now, and we don’t expect that to stop any time soon, so if you want one of these rear-engined unicorns, there’s no time like the present.




Leichtbau Beauty 

Coupé Sport Leichtbau; no three words in the German dictionary will get a BMW fanatic’s heartbeat racing quite like those, and this car represents the genesis of the CSL badge. This 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL is about as good as Bimmers get, featuring the iconic ‘Batmobile’ bodykit and having been campaigned in the 1972 DRM Championship, where it secured a top ten overall finish.

However, this isn’t any ordinary CSL, because in 1973 it was purchased by one Mr Graziano Cancian, who upgraded it to 3.5 CSL specification by installing a fire-breathing Schnitzer engine. After an extensive restoration back to its 1973 specification, this CSL now looks absolutely outstanding in its 1973/74 livery. Eligible to compete in all the most highly regarded events, including the Masters Series, Le Mans Classic, Historic Touring Challenge, and Peter Auto's popular Heritage Touring Cup, this Batmobile is not only one of the most competitive classic race cars out there, it’s also one of the best looking. 




Super Computer 

If you were to distill the pure essence of the 1990s into a single car, it would be this 1993 Vector WX-3. Crazy vibrant metallic paint? Tick. Wild alien spaceship styling? Tick. Popup headlights? Double tick. Owned by Vector founder Gerald “Jerry” Wiegert up until 2019, this car is the sole finished prototype of the WX-3 Coupé to be produced, making it perhaps the ultimate obscure 1990s supercar. 

Originally finished in silver, this mesmerising Vector was later re-painted in teal by Wiegert to match the logo of his Aquajet jet-ski company. Powered by an improved version of the twin-turbo V8 found in the Vector W8, the WX-3 can output a startling 1,200 American Bald Eagles with the boost turned all the way up. Even better, thanks to the WX-3’s novel three-across seating arrangement, you can take two of your best looking female (or male) friends along for the ride of a lifetime. 




Ghia’d for success 

We love an unusual coach-built sports car from the 1960s, so when we found this 1965 Fiat 1500 GT Coupe by Ghia, it was love at first sight. One of the very few automobiles produced by renowned master coachbuilders Ghia to be sold under their own name, the Ghia 1500 GT combines achingly beautiful styling with a fun and lightweight chassis. 

One of an estimated 846 Ghia 1500 GTs to be built, this 1965 example isn’t just pretty, it’s also extremely rare. Based on a shortened Fiat 1500 C chassis mated to a slightly tuned version of the Fiat’s engine with a four-speed manual gearbox, this little Ghia isn’t going to set any land speed records, but its 110 mph top speed was certainly impressive for the time. Finished in a fabulous shade of gold, this streamlined sports car is sure to stun onlookers with its wire wheels and attractive chrome nose. So, if you’re looking for a little Italian flare to spice up your collection, look no further. 




One Upset ‘Vette 

We don’t know about you, but we can’t recall seeing an angrier Corvette anywhere on the Classic Driver Market. Fitted with an IMSA-spec Greenwood wide body kit, an incredibly rare Keith Black-prepared original ZL-1 aluminium big block race engine, and a Muncie M22 transmission, this Corvette combines bark and bite aplenty. 

However, this isn’t just any old hot rod, this 1968 Corvette has an extensive period racing history at the hands of Sacramento native and racer Randy Bryan. Bryan competed with this Corvette at numerous SCCA events throughout the late 1970s in the same distinctive metallic green and white livery you see today. Even better, this fire-breathing racer has been registered for the road in the UK and is ready to be enjoyed on or off track.