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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

As we edge closer and closer to a summer scorcher, we couldn’t help but scope out a cabrio or two for this week’s list. As always, the Classic Driver Market loves to throw us some jaw-dropping machines, take a look below!

A Saab for St Tropez

It may not be the fastest, it may not be the most agile, but there is one thing this drop-top  Saab 900 S Cabrio from 1992 has bags of: charm and charisma, something we are big fans of here at Classic Driver. 

Finished in sleek Citrine Beig, this Saab was first registered in Switzerland, where some tasteful extras were fitted, including the specially made white wall tyres. Saabs such as this 900 S have gained a cult following over the decades since they were first launched, boasting true 1990s boxy styling and highly innovative safety features and technology for the time. The question is, where would you drive it first?




Big Bulletproof Brabus

It’s fair to say Parisian dealership L'Art de L'Automobile are no strangers to an ultra-rare collector car or two, but we may have just stumbled upon their coolest yet. As the latest and greatest Mercedes flagship models become longer, cleverer and shinier than ever before, the W220 era of S-Class perfectly balances unrivalled road presence with softer, more reserved styling. 

Soft they may be, but this particular example is anything but soft. As it rolled out of the factory, this S500 was fitted with B4 level bulletproof protection, meaning it can protect its occupants from even handgun attacks. In addition to the protection, the car also boasts a Brabus B11 kit, increasing the V8 engine’s output to an even now impressive 336 horsepower. The Brabus kit also included plenty of styling upgrades, such as the extended front spoiler with four additional headlights, and a rear diffuser, complete with monstrous quad exhaust tips. Our favourite part? Those glorious Brabus split alloy wheels. 




Warp speed

Having played an integral part of the likes of McLaren, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, we can safely say that Gian Paolo Dallara knows what it takes to create a special car. So, when Dallara announced they were creating the ultimate hypercar in 2015, the world raised up from their slouched seats a little. 

Built on a carbon fibre chassis, the Dallara Stradale is powered by a Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder 2.3-litre engine which is good for 400 horsepower, an ample amount when you consider it weighs just 855kg. This striking midnight blue example also benefits from an active racing suspension system, which reduces the ride height of the car by 20mm in track mode. If you’re looking for the ultimate thrill ride to enjoy on your local racetrack, this might just be the perfect way to spend your money!




The King of Cool

It doesn’t matter if it’s caked in thick mud and hay or sporting mirror-finish gloss paintwork, an original Land Rover Defender is the car that can do it all, and in style. These once utilitarian machines are now the hottest ticket to some wind-in-your-hair freedom, and Portuguese-based design house The House of Cool certainly know how it’s done. 

Finished in Black Olive over rich cappuccino leather, this Defender 90 Td4 has been meticulously restored to an exceptionally high standard, with extended leather across the dashboard, steering wheel, and gear shifter. Dreaming of the ultimate surf road trip? This Defender is the perfect companion! 




Palm Springs P Car

Picture the scene, it's 1986, you have just graduated from prep school and your dad has gifted you with this silver 911 Turbo Look Carrera which you will take to the Duran Duran concert at the Starwood that night. 

The 911 Carrera in question is likely to be the envy of all your friends and passers-by, both then and now. As one of approximately 1,684 examples optioned with the Turbo Look appearance package, this example boasts a far sportier bodykit. This, combined with the always stunning Silver Metallic paintwork and Black soft top, gives this 911 a real timeless appearance. Step inside to discover heated electric sports seats, cruise control, and of course, the all-important Blaupunkt radio. Where else would you be blasting ‘Hungry like the Wolf?!’