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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

It’s been another exciting week as a plethora of tantalizing collector cars has entered the Classic Driver Market. Here are some of our favourites.

Brewed to perfection

Ask anyone in the Classic Driver office what their dream daily would be and a 992-generation Porsche 911 GT3 Touring would likely be the answer. If we were really being specific, it would probably be finished in Brewster Green with a light tan interior, maybe with fabric seat inserts if we were feeling particularly picky. In fact, it would look exactly like this stunning example. While the PDK gearbox might not have been our first choice, enthusiasts widely consider Porsche’s stellar dual clutch ‘box to be on par with any manual, especially as it lets you get the most out of that 504 horsepower naturally aspirated flat six. Even better, this example is literally brand new; it even still has the protective film on its infotainment screen! If you’re on the hunt for your dream Porsche, why not jump the build slot queue and hop straight into this one? 




His Eminence

Well isn’t this a beautiful piece of rally history? You may remember this eye-catching 1983 Lancia 037 from our encounter with it two years ago, and now this incredible rally rocket could be yours. Since we last saw it, this 037 has been stealing hearts all over Europe, even winning Best of Show at Poltu Quatu 2022 in Sardinia. As a reminder, chassis 133 is one of only fifty lightened cars prepared for competition by world-renowned specialists VOLTA, and it counts a 3rd overall finish at the 1983 Tour De France Automobile among its achievements. Wearing a fantastic livery that pays homage the French men’s underwear brand, this is truly one of our favourite rally restorations of recent years. 




Street snake

Here we have something rather special indeed: an original, unmolested, early example of Carroll Shelby’s iconic 289 Cobra. So many of these brilliant lightweight sports cars have been converted for racing over the years, so finding a street version like this in such excellent condition is truly a rarity. Powered by a lightweight yet powerful small-block Ford V8, this Cobra has recently enjoyed a sympathetic bare-metal restoration at the hands of RW Racing. Now in almost the same condition as when Carroll put his finishing touches on it, this pure white Cobra is ready to be enjoyed once more. 




LCD dreams 

There are few cars that carry as much universal adoration as the Audi Urquattro. Its fantastic design, rally pedigree, and sweet handling have been praised timed and time again. However, one detail that we’ve always loved is the green LCD screen that replaced the analogue dials for the 1984 model year, which is exactly why we had to include this fantastic Zermatt Silver example from 1987. Showing 54,215 miles on the clock, this all-weather weapon looks to be in outstanding condition and would make for a wonderful classic daily that could be used no matter the season. 




The art of zen 

Japan has produced some truly outstanding and utterly beautiful cars over the years. The FD Mazda RX-7 comes to mind, as does the Honda S2000 and Hakosuka GTR. There is one car that sits atop them all, though, and that is the mighty Toyota 2000 GT. Toyota and Yamaha’s lovechild proved that not only did Japan know how to make a supercar, it could make one that could rival the very best from Italy or Germany. Wearing its homeland’s Grand Prix colours, this 1967 Toyota 2000 GT is an excellent example of the breed, and at a fraction of a cost of some of its contemporaries from Ferrari, this seems like shockingly good value despite the price tag. However, as the car world continues to gain appreciation for JDM cars of all kind, we wouldn’t be surprised if the value of the 2000 GT continues to climb.