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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

With Europe experiencing a bit of a heatwave this week, it’s the perfect time to add a new car to the stable to enjoy under the sun. Here are five classics that we’d take for a sunny cruise.

Pastel powerhouse

As far as Christmas presents go, you couldn’t hope for much better than a Lambo, and that’s exactly what this 1974 Lamborghini Espada was. Bought for Lorrie Stern by her husband under the condition that she use it as a daily driver, this Espada initially started life painted a more traditional green. However, after several thousand miles spent driving Lorrie Stern’s kids to school and even some track time at Pocono Raceway in Pennnsylvania, Ms. Stern had gave the car its signature pink coat in 1979. Not only did it match her kitchen counter, but she also felt it showed off the car’s lines better. Usually the thought of a pink Espada would have us running for the hills, but something about the white Connolly leather interior with that pastel exterior just works. In March 2020 this example enjoyed a 27,000 dollar engine rebuild, so it’s ready to stun on the school run once more.  


Clark’s companion

“I drive my Lotus Elan for pleasure – not because I have to.” Those aren’t our words, but those of Formula One legend Jim Clark, who was this 1962 Lotus Elan's first owner. After a year and around 15,000 miles in Jim’s highly skilled hands, he passed it on to his friend and mentor Scott Watson, who was instrumental in getting the young Clark involved in Scottish club racing. After being rediscovered in the 90s, this Elan was totally restored. Today it remains in its original colour of Carmen Red  over a black interior, serving as a symbol of Jim Clark’s relationship with Lotus and his stunning achievements at the wheel of Colin Chapman’s lightweight racers. 


Gen Z

Zagato’s designs have been polarising at times, and this 1977 Alfa Romeo 1600 Zagato is one such example. Viewed from the front, with those stunning plexiglass headlight covers, and even the side profile, which seems reminiscent of a shorter Lancia 037 Stradale, it’s hard not to fall in love with this little Alfa. However, it seems Zagato’s design team were so happy with their work on the front end and silhouette that they called it a day, leaving the rear looking a little lacklustre by comparison, hence the mixed reception. Overall though, we’re huge fans of the Junior Z, especially in the case of this 1600, of which just 402 units were made. This example was repainted a few years ago and shows some hints of corrosion, but those imperfections should only encourage you to get out and do what this Alfa does best: drive! 


What lurks in Woking 

There have been quite a few monsters to emerge from McLaren’s Woking HQ in the last decade, but one of our absolute favourites has to be the McLaren P1 GTR. This 2016 P1 GTR proves there’s no such thing as too much wing, boasting a DRS-equipped spoiler with equivalent surface area to that of an aircraft carrier. Only 58 of these weapons-grade track tools were produced, each demonstrating what the P1’s platform was truly capable of when unshackled by road regulations. With 986 bhp to play with, this factory-fresh 721 mile P1 GTR is ready to become the apex predator at your local track. 


Collector candy

Values of the E46 M3 have been following in the footsteps of the E30 M3 for a few years now, so if you want one for reasonable money, you better act fast. While this 2002 BMW M3 may not have the six-speed manual, the SMG gearbox is characterful enough to still deliver an ultra-enjoyable driving experience. Of course, anything fitted with BWM’s sweet-as-can-be S54 straight-six engine is sure to put a smile on your face. With a relatively low 51,574 miles on the clock, this Titanium Silver Metallic example should have plenty of good times left in its tank.