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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

Five cars is back for 2022, the Classic Driver Market is already buoyant with some great cars and here is our first pick of the bunch. Happy hunting.

Daft Punk

Boxy and unloved for many years, the Ferrari 400 made between 1976-1979 is the rarest of the angular 2+2s made from 1972 for 18 years. Silver over black leather, just 62,000 kms and that all-important manual gearbox. This V12 priced at under €100,000 is great value for money when you look at the values of V12 Ferraris of the 1960s. Pure style with that unforgettable soundtrack, buy one now before you wish you had!


110% 80s

How can you make the iconic Ford Capri – one of our cars to watch in 2022 – more 80s? Well, add a turbocharger of course. This 1982 example benefits from a Werksturbo of which just 155 were built and its believed just 58 survive. German RS dealers marketed these cars off the back of success in the German Touring Car race series, top speed was 220 km/h, and with wider bodywork, spoilers and deep RS alloys, this car looked as good as it went. A unique slice of the 1980s not to be missed!


Yes, it’s a manual!

The Jaguar XJS is really starting to come of age, but a 21-year production run means there are many iterations, and some are more desirable than others. One thing that is a mandatory for a great investment and rewarding drive… get a manual example. This 1994 model is one of just 19 built with a manual gearbox that year, and is in the perfect colour combination of British Racing Green over Barley leather. This ‘stick shift’ interstate cruiser will still reward as you peel off the highway and get stuck in to your favourite twisty roads.


Pure class

Perhaps the biggest mistake Bentley have made in recent years was to not make a coupe version of the almighty Mulsanne, that is now no longer in production. Thankfully somebody did take on the challenge, and this stunning example from 2020 demonstrates just why the car is so magnificent in coupe form. Expertly converted and looking ‘as new’ with its black and Moonbeam two-tone paintwork, this Bentley really is pure class.


The spaceship

Can you imagine how it looked in 1975 - 47 years ago - to see the futuristic Lancia Stratos tearing towards you in the hills above Monte-Carlo. For three years Sandro Munari and the Stratos were kings of the Monte, and this 1975 example wearing its Alitalia livery is aching to once again, terrorise the slippery roads around La Turbie. Perhaps you won’t challenge for the overall win in 2022, but you’ll have a lot of fun trying!