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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

In a week of news that announced Jaguar would be going all-electric and two new potent super cars from Porsche and McLaren, lets us lose ourselves in the diversity of the buoyant Classic Driver Market.

Midnight racer

In the late ‘80s if you wanted a fast car it was either exotic like a Ferrari or Porsche or it was from the streets, like the Ford Sierra RS500. A flame spitting, 224bhp turbo-charged engine, capable of over 150mph. This example has over 50,000 miles and is therefore perfect for being enjoyed on the road guilt-free. Presented in exceptional condition - thanks to being stored in a climate-controlled unit with a monthly professional detailing, this midnight racer is ready to terrorise the exotics!


If it’s good enough for Vettel…

A Formula 1 car derived V12 with a manual gearbox, what is not to like with the Ferrari F50? Only 349 examples were built, over three-times less than the F40 and yet it has lived in its shadows for most of its life. There really is nothing like a howling Ferrari V12 though and this example offered by Tom Hartley Jnr was previously owned by Sebastian Vettel during his first-year racing for Ferrari’s Formula 1 team where he regularly out-performed the faster Mercedes. This perfect example has just 4313 miles under its belt and surely deserves more.


Timeless bianco beauty

The Alfa Romeo 8C has aged incredibly well and this stunning white example is a rare sight. Specially requested from new by legendary Dutch architect and designer, Jan des Bouvrie.  Sadly, Jan passed away in 2020, the grandmaster of white interiors, he was famous for his white sofas, but this white Alfa Romeo is a fine automotive legacy of his love for the non-colour. Only 500 examples of the 8C Competizione were built, and backing up the rarely seen coachwork was a dry-sumped, 4.7-litre V8 Ferrari engine with a flat-crank. A perfect combination of beauty and performance.


Spring time, fun time

The days are getting longer and surely it is time to consider something fun for weekend adventures? This Land Rover Santana resto-mod is the perfect way to enjoy your driving. The Santana built vehicles were developed over the years for the demanding Spanish, African and South American markets. Santana often being able to introduce updates quicker than the Solihull built cars. As such these are a great basis for a solid, reliable build and this example has been subject to 500 hours of work to get it in perfect condition for spring-time adventures.


No electric cats here

With the news that Jaguar will become an ‘all-electric’ brand by 2025, it made us all misty eyed about the phenomenal cars Jaguar have produced over the years. Even today the XJ220 is a seriously fast car and this gorgeous blue over brown example, is freshly serviced by Don Law, and has just 5,200kms on the odometer. Just 275 road cars were built, and prices continue to be going only one way. Surely this week’s news will have made these even more desirable.