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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

A menacing Landy, Frankenstein’s Fiat 500, a poisonous Viper, a voodoo weapon from Weissach and a VW Golf to make Bentley owners faint – this week’s finds from the Classic Driver Market are conjuring the spirits of automotive witchcraft….

Son of a gun

Would you spend £76k to customise a 24-year-old Landy? The previous owner of this 1984 Land Rover Defender 90 certainly considered it a good idea when he took the car to brand specialist Viezu Technology and essentially handed them a blank cheque in order to create the Defender of his dreams. And we must admit that, with its Gunmetal Grey paint, contrasting glass black cab, wide body kit and bespoke interior, this might be the most menacing variation of the good old Landy we have seen in a while. 


“This is not your grandmother’s Stelvio Pass cruiser, but rather a fire-breathing dragon ready to hunt down unsuspecting Ferraris,” our pals at Redline Automotive Restorations have told us about this rather unusual Fiat 500. Having replaced the modest engine with the 200hp variant and transmission from the legendary Honda Civic Type-R, the wide-bodied little monster is now revving up to 9,000rpm. “This is a Cars and Coffee killer that will have you grinning from ear to ear every turn of the ride home.” Questions, anyone?

How to make Bentley owners faint

Who needs an Aston Martin or Bentley if you can drive a Forest Green 1990 Volkswagen GTI? This dream boat is currently offered for sale on Classic Driver by our French friends from L’Art de l’Automobile — and whilst the first-generation GTI might be the ultimate icon, we prefer the classy second series as our favourite incarnation of the hot hatch from Wolfsburg. 

The American Dream

When the racing Vipers clinched victory in the FIA GT2 class in 1997, Dodge built a series of 100 Championship Edition road cars to celebrate the achievement; all featured white bodywork and blue go-faster stripes, a blue leather interior with racing harnesses and special badging. This highly original example was the 30th built and can currently be found listed for sale on Classic Driver.

That Weissach Voodoo

If there’s one car that makes it possible to experience Porsche’s latest racing technology and track performance on the open road, it’s the 911 GT2 RS. This mighty machine doesn’t just sport the desirable Weissach Package that makes the Turbo racer even lighter and more track-focused, it’s also painted in the unique and hypnotising colour of Voodooblau. Automotive witchcraft at its best!