5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

An all-electric shooting brake, the perfect family classic, a brightly coloured Aston Martin, a Swiss V8 flagship and a trendy avant-garde saloon – these are our current favourites from the Classic Driver Market…

An all-electric shooting brake 

Could electromobility kickstart a renaissance for traditional coachbuilding? Floris de Raadt and Frank Reijnga from the Netherlands were convinced the answer was yes and let the Dutch individualisation guru Niels van Roij transform a 2013 Tesla Model S 85 Performance into a fully-fledged shooting brake. With so much style, who needs a burbling fossil-fuelled engine?  

Your perfect family wagon 

Your search for the perfect family car could well be over – Ronnie Kessel is selling his Audi RS2. The first super estate, which was developed in partnership with Porsche, combines performance and analogue driving pleasure with all-wheel-drive practicality and acres of space for the two- and four-legged members of the family. Oh, and it’s a veritable design icon. What more could you want? 

A statement against understatement

Here at Classic Driver, we love cars that surprise and don’t swim with the current. While Italian Ferraris and Lamborghinis are especially popular in dark shades of green and blue, sports car born in England are only too happy to forgo such understatement. Take this bright red Aston Martin Vantage V550 from 1996, for example, with its two-tone aubergine and saffron yellow leather interior. Wild.

Made in Switzerland 

As Swiss voters, we really should have a Helvetic car in the garage. And since our visit to the Monteverdi museum in Basel (which has sadly since been closed), we’ve often enthused about the style, versatility and historical relevance of the once-proud marque. Above all, the 375L High Speed, with which Peter Monteverdi took on Iso Rivolta, Jensen and De Tomaso in the 1960s and ’70s, is among the most charismatic eight-cylinder Grand Tourers in the history of the automobile. And this diamond blue example might just be the best of the admittedly tiny bunch. 

Hydraulic hero 

The Citroën DS has been held as a goddess since the 1950s, the SM is one of the most interesting collector cars of the hour and we have the feeling that the lesser-known CX is also acquiring a growing fanbase. The car’s futuristic interior has to be one of the most interesting designs of the modern era. This elegant dark green example of Robert Opron’s hydraulic saloon is currently for sale in London. And isn’t the French neo-classic even more exalted as a right-hand-drive vehicle?