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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

As January nears an end, so spring edges ever nearer. What better time, then, to delve into the Classic Driver Market and look for a new car?

Your ticket to the Mille Miglia 

How handsome is this Pininfarina-bodied 1956 Fiat 1100 Turismo Veloce Coupé? A diminutive Grand Tourer that resembles many larger – and much more valuable – Ferraris of the era, this sporty variant of the humble 1100 saloon is eligible for the Mille Miglia retrospective. And we can think of far less comfortable (and stylish, for that matter) cars in which to contest 1,000 gruelling miles through Italy. 

Light Green Metallic 

Finding a highly original Porsche 911 SC is rare. Finding a highly original Porsche 911 SC wearing its original and ultra-rare shade of Lindgrün Metallic paint is near unrepeatable. This stunning example from 1979 was originally owned by Porsche Sweden and used for promotional purposes. It has had just four custodians in the years since. Equally impressive as the elegant green bodywork is the remarkably well-preserved beige and brown leather interior. Oh, how we wish we could pop back to the 1970s – if only for the chance to specify a Porsche 911 in a wonderfully of-the-era colour combination like this car.  

Let the car do the screaming 

If you’re after a LaFerrari Aperta, you’re in luck: there are three currently listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market, which considering just 210 were built is pretty impressive. This unregistered European-spec car might not boast the most imaginative of specifications, but when you’ve got a car as exquisite as a LaFerrari, less is arguably more in that department. The first convertible ‘halo’ Ferrari since the opinion polarising F50, we think it’s nothing short of sensational. 

A beautiful, brutish Brabus 

We all know the Mercedes-Benz S Class is the daddy of the omnipresent German executive saloons. But what happens when a tuning house such as Brabus decides to bestow its expertise on the luxobarge? Well, as this delivery mileage Candy Red Brabus 800 Coupé that’s currently for sale in London demonstrates, the result is an 800HP four-wheel-drive rocket that boasts a true Jekyll and Hyde character. One minute it’s a hilariously ostentatious rolling piece of bling (21-inch forged wheels, anyone?), the next it’s a ballistic ground missile capable of uprooting hundred-year-old trees with its 1,000Nm of torque. The best thing? There’s a ‘Coming Home’ mode, so you won’t upset the neighbours with your V8 bellow. 

The pluckiest privateer 

In the entire 97-year history of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, no car has entered the legendary race more times than this 1978 Rondeau M378 GTP. Over the course of its staggering 10 participations, the small and sultry prototype, built by the great French driver/constructor Jean Rondeau, finished fifth overall in 1979, second overall in 1981 and third overall in 1980. In recent years, the Belga-sponsored beauty has been comprehensively restored and is ready to return to Le Mans and fly the flag once again for one of the sport’s pluckiest privateers. 

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