5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

Luckily, everyone’s tastes are different —the wickedly expensive dream car for one collector could be the flashy, over-the-top nightmare of another. And with that in mind, our five collector cars for this week are sure to generate some debate…

And what is your final fantasy?

If you hear “Final Fantasy” and the only thing that comes to mind is the last stop on a train, then maybe you should have a chat with your children. The Japanese computer role-playing game has sold more than 140 million copies worldwide in the 1980s and has been turned into many big-screen films. In the fifteenth episode of the film series, a tremendously impressive car was introduced to the fandom: the Audi R8 “Star of Lucis”, which is currently being offered for sale in the Classic Driver Market for about 2.1 million euros. This is about the same price of a Bugatti Chiron — but what wouldn’t you be willing to spend for the eternal respect of your children?

The most English Lamborghini in the world

It’s probably in keeping with British humour to buy an Italian supercar like the Lamborghini Diablo in not only right-hand drive, but also to spec it just as the classic British Daimler Double Six seen in Her Majesty’s fleet. This Diablo VT does look excellent in its custom dark green metallic paint and cream interior, though. And thanks to all-wheel drive, even the Queen could personally drift over the hills of Balmoral in it!

The wild nineties

For a long time, Porsche purists turned a blind eye to the tuners of the 1990s — which means that the few surviving examples from Gemballa GmbH are highly coveted amongst collectors today. This Porsche 964 was transformed into a so-called “Mega Speedster” by Zeitgeist designer and Colani student Vittorio Strosek. And if you’re looking for a more free-spirited ’90s car in the Classic Driver Market, we’re afraid it just won’t be found.

Cosworth fever

Given the current hype over rally sports cars from the 1980s and 1990s, the Ford Escort RS Cosworth has been experiencing quite a renaissance. This early “Big Turbo” from 1993 has nearly 90,000 kilometres on the clock and has been extensively modified — from the suspension to the interior. And we must admit: the temptation is great with this one!

For the Palm Beach winters

At some point you get to an age where the appeal of resting your tired bones in the warm winter sun of Florida between November and March starts to outweigh the exhilaration of plunging down the ice luge of the Cresta Run. And this lemon-yellow Citroen DS Palm Beach Convertible with a burgundy red top from Henri Chapron's workshop is perfect for the change of pace — is there a most stylish way to go on your daily runs between the golf course and the beach club?