5 classic cars to put in your garage this week

There are trailer queens and there are queens of the road, and this week’s Market Finds are definitely the latter. Whether it’s a vintage-racing 250 LM replica, a reverberating 911 Turbo, a screaming XJ220, a drifting Delta, or HRH’s Virage Volante, these cars are meant to do what they do best, run…

Race ready

With vintage racing becoming more and more competitive and the prices of racing greats constantly on the rise, recreations are becoming more and more appealing, as they provide all the fun without the stress of costly repairs or, heaven forbid, irreparable damage. If you’re going to go racing, you might as well be racing the very best, and this Ferrari 250 LM recreation is pretty close to it. With all the correct specifications, from the dry-sump engine and carburettors to the gearbox, this car is one of the best bets to put you towards the sharp end of the grid.

Brute force

The invention of turbocharging in the early 1970s was a game-changer, and as many manufacturers were hesitant to employ it, Porsche was able to master the formula before most even caught on. By the ’90s, they combined this with a 3.6-litre engine to produce a potent and visceral machine. Benefitting from a recent mechanical refresh, this Porsche 911 3.6 Turbo will provide more than enough fun when trying to beat anyone off the block and turn you into a true turbo believer.

Fit for a prince

Although many Astons have been built to ‘Prince of Wales’ specification, there are very few that have actually had His Royal Highness behind the wheel, like this car lays claim. Less ostentatious than his DB6, this Aston Martin Virage Volante is just as royal in Prince Charles’ favoured colour scheme of British Racing Green over a Mushroom interior. With just 35,000 miles, there would be no car more ideal to cruise down The Mall, waving slightly at all those that pass by and stopping to feed the police ponies a sugar cube from the custom-made jar in the centre console.

Supercar sovereignty

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Jaguar XJ220 – once one of the fastest cars in the world, creating 500+bhp, the first production car to do so, and the lap holder for a production model at the Nordschleife for almost a decade. Although traditionally a silver anniversary, this metallic red and beige leather interior example with just over 1,000 kilometres is the perfect gift to celebrate. With collaborations underway to recreate the unusual tyres of the XJ220, which have long been off the market, there’s no excuse left to hold you back from purchasing one of the most underrated supercars.

Happy hour

With five consecutive Constructors’ World Rally Championships under its belt, Lancia had all the reason to celebrate, and what better way to do so than with a Martini – stripe that is! The quintessential blue and red stripe was added to 400 Lancia Delta Integrales to commemorate the achievement, this low-mileage, fully serviced, and meticulously maintained example being the 111th off the line. Once hearing its throaty exhaust echo off passing buildings and feeling the centrifugal force it produces as it spins around in figure eights, we dare you to step out of the cockpit without a smile.

Photos: Eleven Cars / Abbeyfield Sports & Classics Ltd / Oldtimer Galerie Toffen - Showroom / Girardo & Co

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