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What if Tesla made a two-wheeler?

Tesla is a company founded on pioneering spirit, and has enjoyed record sales of its electric Model S saloon in recent months. But what if it were to turn its attention to motorcycles? This all-electric ‘Model M’ design concept investigates that very question…

Don’t get too charged up, though: this concept is the work of London-based freelance designer Jans Slapins, as opposed to the company’s in-house design studio in California. Slapins specialises in far-fetched ideas (previous projects include a Lamborghini hot-rod) but, given Tesla’s ideology of innovation, we’d say this is one of his more realistic proposals. In fact, electrifying a two-wheeler perhaps makes even more sense than a four-on-the-floor, at least in theory: range anxiety would be all but nullified, while the redundancy of a gearbox and a fuel tank would equate to more space for batteries and storage. In the case of the latter, the Model M’s water-tight cubbyhole has room for a full-face helmet, and all the gadgets carried by the modern man. Pity it’s likely to remain a fantasy – for now, at least.

Renderings: Jans Slapins

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