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Unleash your inner hedonist with these ice-cool motorcycle helmets

Founded in the UK in 2011, Hedon’s mission was clear from the outset: to redefine the urban motorcyclist’s protective headgear, putting the onus on style, nostalgia and, above all, comfort…

Hedon’s company name is derived from the word ‘hedonism’, or the relentless search for pleasure – an act whose spirit is perfectly encapsulated by motorcycling and the feeling of freedom it conjures. Hedon’s helmets are bold and colourful expressions of hedonism, fusing retro styling and traditional craftsmanship techniques with modern technology and materials. 

From the sporty full-face Heroine Classic, with its large tinted visors and palette of retro colours and graphic designs, to the beautifully minimal Epicurist open-faced lid, there’s a Hedon helmet for everyone. You can even customise your helmet and choose from a range of styles, visors and designs to make it look exactly how you’d like. Alternatively, you can find a broad range of Hedon helmets for sale in the Classic Driver Shop, our favourites of which are listed below. 

Buy Hedon’s stylish motorcycle helmets in the Classic Driver Shop