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These 10 motorcycles will look good in your living room

Almost everyone has an exercise bike in their living room these days, but wouldn’t it be so much cooler to have your Ducati there instead? Where you can take a seat, close your eyes and almost feel the wind blowing on your face for just a moment...

Since our first visit to the Milan penthouse of fashion entrepreneur and car collector Guglielmo Miani in spring 2018, where we admired his father’s Honda parked casually next to the sofa, we quickly learned that motorcycles in the living room are a very good idea! And now that we’re all spending more time within the confines of our four living room walls, we thought back to that day once again. As such, we’ve selected 10 motorcycles from the Classic Driver Market that you should put in your living room to act as reminders to think positive, embrace our joie de vivre and remember that sooner or later we’ll be on the open road with the wind on our faces once again!

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