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Ruote da Sogno just shared over 800 classic bikes for sale…

Earlier this year, we paid a visit to the spectacular showroom-cum-museum of Ruote da Sogno, which teems with over 1,000 classic motorcycles and a smattering of delectable cars. Now, over 800 of those bikes, ranging from 200 to 200,000 euros, have been uploaded to the Classic Driver Market…

Something of a hub for enthusiasts and collectors who share a mutual passion for vintage bikes and cars, Ruote da Sogno in the heart of Italy’s Motor Valley boasts a collection of over 1,000 vehicles, 800 of which have just been uploaded to the Classic Driver Market. 

From one of the oldest and most important Vespas in the world, priced accordingly at 250,000 euros, to a quirky 1980s Benelli Laser scooter, which can be had for just 780 euros, there are more than enough interesting bikes (and cars) to keep you browsing for hours. Below are 12 of our favourites, or alternatively you can view the Ruote da Sogno’s entire inventory here

Our 12 favourites