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Golden Goliath: Suzuki T500 II Titan café racer

Here at Classic Driver, we’re partial to a well-executed café racer – particularly those built independently. Oslo-based photographer Nicki Twang sent in these pictures of his most recent subject, this golden 1969 Suzuki. We felt it our duty to share its beauty…

The fabulous creation – based on a 1969 Suzuki T500 II Titan – was painstakingly built by Norwegian Bård Hansen. With a variety of modifications (which include Ceriani shocks, Mikuni carbs and rare Akront rims), the end product is barely reconisable as a Titan, bar the retention of the Colorado Gold factory paintwork. But, as always, no matter how accomplished the final project is, its true beauty can only be done justice by finding a contrasting backdrop. That’s why motorcycle photographer Nicki Twang shot it in the ‘Barcode Project’, an almost-completed dockside development in Oslo which places emphasis on cutting-edge architecture.

Photos: Nicki Twang

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