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Eve Concept by Bandit9 Motorcycles: Good morning, Saigon

In Southeast Asia, the streetscape is dominated not by cars, but by motorcycles. In extreme cases, they’re even used as a mode of transport for the whole family and fitted with roof-racks – but this Vietnam-designed bike is more of an out-and-out status symbol…

Named ‘Concept Eve’, the striking bike is the latest product from Saigon-based outfit Bandit9, and is based on a 1967 Honda SS. The long tank/seat combination is one of the many handmade chrome parts that sees this bike test the fine balance between usable product and work of art – but that only heightens its charming appeal. No more than nine ‘Eves’ will be produced, with engines of 90cc and 120cc  available, and prices starting at $4,600.

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