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Deus Ex Machina’s first custom scooter will have you on your bike

A new direction for custom motorcycle builder Deus Ex Machina, this modified scooter – dubbed ‘La Derny’ – is a modern twist on the roadside-assistance Vespas used in bicycle races in Italy…

Out with the old

Taking Peugeot’s retro-looking Django as a base, the folks at Deus Ex Machina’s Milan branch wanted to create a bike that could carry a bicycle from the sister Deus Cycleworks department. They were inspired by old Vespas that had been modified to carry spare bicycle parts for roadside assistance during road races and, as such, gone is the Django’s ungainly looking front end, replaced with a more traditional brushed aluminium fairing.

In fact, almost everything has been modified, from the new two-person saddle (and its custom-built mountings) to the more motorcycle-esque handlebar arrangement. Adding the finishing touches are the rear-mounted spare wheel, the ‘Servizio Corse’ stickers and, of course, the stylish Deus Cycleworks bicycle. ‘La Derny’ is currently for sale in Milan – we can’t think of a better way of rocking up at the The Tweed Run in London this summer… 

Photos: Deus Ex Machina

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