This custom Ducati Monza is now worthy of its hallowed name

Salvaged from a basket-case Monza Super, this stunning Ducati was built by Idaho-based custom motorcycle builder Union Motorcycle Classics…

A blank sheet

Not satisfied with the original Ducati Monza Super’s slightly clunky looks, the folks at Union Motorcycle Classics seized the chance to modify the bike into something a lot more beautiful. There was no brief from the owner, other than that it had to be any colour but red, so a new 1960s Grand Prix-inspired seat, fairing and fuel tank were crafted from scratch and finished in an elegant cream and gold colour scheme.

While much of the bike’s mechanicals were salvaged from the dismantled Monza and restored, some aspects such as the forks were constructed from orphaned parts. The bike’s owner appropriately picked up the new bike just as he’d dropped it off – on the back on his 1969 Volkswagen pick-up, making for some fabulous photographs in front of Union Motorcycle Classics’ 100-year-old barn premises. 

Photos: Union Motorcycle Classics

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