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Bandit9 and Konstantin Kofta collaborate in sci-fi style

Vietnam-based motorcycle workshop Bandit9 has teamed up with Ukrainian fashion designer Konstantin Kosta to showcase their respective wares in a sci-fi setting…

Geometry in motion

Bandit9 caught our eye last year when it revealed ‘Eve’, a minimalist custom motorcycle based on a 1967 Honda SS. Recently, the bike was paired up with a geometric backpack from Konstantin Kofta’s Inertia collection for a photoshoot. The resulting imagery represents an almost utopian-style scene – and highlights Bandit9’s process of taking design inspiration from other creative professions, such as fashion, art, architecture, film and photography. That gives us a little insight into the thinking behind Bandit9’s increasingly madcap motorcycles.

Photos: Wing Chan for Bandit9

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