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On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter

Bruce Brown's 1971 film ‘On Any Sunday’ is considered the best motorcycle documentary of all time. He made Steve McQueen into the definitive daredevil icon and inspired generations of two-wheeled racers. Now the cult film continues…

The original and its influence

For his documentary On Any Sunday, Bruce Brown relied heavily on such daredevil bikers as Mert Lawwill, Malcolm Smith and Hollywood star Steve McQueen to bring excitement to the screen. With its rapid shots of motocross and desert racing, the film inspired the youth of the Seventies – and motivated many of today’s motorcycle competition professionals to start a racing career. On Any Sunday is not the only sports documentary from Bruce Brown, either. In 1964, his film The Endless Summer became arguably the surfing community’s greatest cult movie.

The continuation

Bruce Brown's eldest son Dana has now produced a sequel to the epic motorcycle film his father created. Shot in 4K Ultra HD, On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter comes 43 years after the launch of the original to entice a new generation of bike racers. 

'On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter' opens in November 2014 in the USA. Further information can be found at