A Warholian take on Munch: Angst-ridden pop art for sale

Sotheby’s is gearing itself up for some serious auction action, as three exceptional Andy Warhol screenprints inspired by Edvard Munch are set to go under the hammer later this month. If you’re looking for a unique item to add 'wow factor' to the living room – well, here’s your chance.

More than two decades after his death, Andy Warhol is still one of Modern Art's leading exponents. His realistic renditions of popular, everyday items continue to be highly sought-after by contemporary art enthusiasts and collectors alike. It’s hardly a surprise that the three unique Warhol prints – appropriating motifs from some of Munch’s most famous works – are expected to stir up quite a frenzy in art circles in London, on 19 September.

Warhol interpreted Munch’s recognisable motifs to create his own equally evocative and emblematic images. By emphasising the basic features of the figure to create a cartoon-like face, and by exchanging the subtle tones of Munch's work for bright, clashing colour combinations, Warhol succeeded in creating his own 20th Century interpretation of the angst and despair portrayed in the originals.

A Warholian take on Munch: Angst-ridden pop art for sale A Warholian take on Munch: Angst-ridden pop art for sale

Ultimately, the posters are said to reflect Warhol’s anxiety over mortality and his obsession with death. This is especially evident in the ghostly way in which he depicted himself in the rendition of ‘Madonna and Self-Portrait with Skeleton’s Arm.’

All dating from 1984, ‘The Scream (After Munch), ‘Eva Mudocci’ (After Munch) and ‘Madonna and Self-Portrait with Skeleton’s Arm’ (After Munch) come to auction from a European private collection and have a combined pre-sale estimate of £500,000-750,000.

The Sotheby's sale of Old Master, Modern and Contemporary Prints will take place in London on 19 September.

Photos: Sotheby's

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