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10 cars that prove the time to invest in the early 2000s is right now

The upcoming Historics Auctioneers Sale in Windsorview Lakes on July 16th 2022 gives a wonderful insight into where the future classics are hiding. 60s cars? Too expensive. 80s cars? Too unreliable. Early 2000s cars? Now we’re talking!

It’s hard to believe cars like the original Ford Focus RS and Nissan 350Z turn 20 years old this year. What seems like only last week was two decades ago, with innovation, technology, and performance all going up a few levels since the early 2000s. Yet, somehow, we find ourselves clinging onto the not-so-distant past, seeking the thrill of the open road in something from the Playstation generation. We hear now more than ever that cars during the noughties balanced technology with enough analogue charm to allow drivers to feel engaged and included within the car’s mannerisms, rather than feeling like a passenger in most modern vehicles.

As trend cycles are known to repeat every 20-ish years, the 2000s revival looks to be right on time. The 2000s' influence is creeping into almost every form of popular culture, with clothing, music, and even some celebrities making a comeback. Cars are naturally not immune to this newfound appreciation for the early noughties, with well-presented examples of Imprezas, Type Rs, and fast Fords approaching eye-watering figures. It’s not just the JDM modern classics bringing in the cash, though. Luxury barges such as the Mercedes-Benz CL600 and L332 generation Range Rovers are also very much in the line of sight of the eager investor, demonstrating a serious amount of luxury for often a respectable sum.

With plenty to choose from at the upcoming Windsorview Lakes Sale, we’ve hand-picked 10 that we feel may be examples to watch or throw a cheeky bid on!