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These stunning prints bring motorsport history to life

Czech design studio Unique & Limited’s fascinating images are produced with a combination of original photography and advanced graphic design, and aim to “re-energise inspiring motorsport stories from the past...”

A Swede swerves through Sicily

On average, each of these stunning images takes Unique & Limited’s nine full-time staff members around 1,750 hours to complete and, looking closer at the details, it’s hardly surprising. Founded by artist Jan Rambousek, the company burst into the spotlight in 2012 with its series of 12 images of the Silver Arrows, created in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. The pictures – which portray memorable moments from the pre-War era of Grand Prix racing (1934-1939), when Mercedes and Auto Union dominated proceedings – were displayed at motorsport events around the world, and “highlight details that could never have been captured with the photographic technology of the time”. 

A new type of art

The process is exceptionally complicated and very time-consuming, but the results are most definitely worth it. Extensive research of a particular motorsport moment is the first step, before a particular perspective (and sketch) is agreed on. A photoshoot is then planned, complete with actors and period props, the subjects of which are integrated into a CG-rendered backdrop, starring the ultra-detailed automotive protagonist. Shading, texturing, lighting and further rendering are next, before everything is composited together to create the final image. Its other series of pictures include the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO and the Porsche 917k. Suffice to say, both are fabulous and implore you to look closer and closer, drinking in the lifelike textures, colours, light and shade. We can’t wait to see what’s next. 

Photos: Unique & Limited

You can purchase Unique & Limited’s prints in a variety of sizes, either framed or unframed. Find more information here.