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Nick Veasey’s ghostly X-ray cutaway of a Ferrari Daytona

You might have seen Nick Veasey’s work before; it’s not exactly indistinctive, as he uses not a pen, brush or computer mouse, but an X-ray machine. Here we take a look at his behind-the-scenes process – one that you might like your own classic to go through in the name of art…

Veasey has honed his unique procedure for many years now, his subjects ranging from underwear to jumbo jets. Unsurprisingly, our new favourite is the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona you see above, whose journey to artistic immortality through electromagnetic radiation was visually documented, allowing a rare glimpse into the logistical (im)practicalities behind his work.

A glimpse through the metal, from behind the scenes

Veasey’s most recent project involves classic motorcycles such as Indians, Ariels and Matchlesses ­– but he next intends to focus on classic cars and, if you have one that might be of interest, he’d love to hear from you. Email us with details of your car, and we’ll pass them on to Nick for final selection.

Photos: © Nick Veasey

For further information, visit Nick Veasey's website.

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