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Feel the free spirit of drag racing with these fabulous digital prints

A staple of American culture, dragsters are known for their free-spirit nature, explosive speed, earth-shattering roar and – most importantly for James Ball, the photographer and digital artist who rendered these fantastic images – vibrant colour schemes…

Drive it like you hate it

The washed-out palette of colours used by Ball to render these images does little to soften the ferocious nature of these beasts, which are treated almost like a religion in certain parts of America. The series, which has been named ‘Door Slammers’, was born of Ball’s love of the dragsters and their breadth of design. Special effort was made to ensure aspects that define the cars as dragsters – such as the liveries, the parachutes, potent engines and steroidal bodies – were emphasised. If only these images could replicate the visceral, soul-stirring feeling that erupts inside you when you experience them in real life. Praise be to the drag gods!

Photos: James Ball / Docubyte/INK