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This art & cars exhibition in New York is unsafe at any speed

Curated by Kenny Schachter, the exhibition "Unsafe at Any Speed" at Morton St. Partners in New York City crosses the border between car culture and the art world.

While the artist, art dealer, collector and journalist Kenny Schachter is known for his highly opinionated – and sometimes painfully honest – commentaries and columns about the art world, we have come to know him as a die-hard petrolhead and car buff since we first visited him in his impressive London office / garage some years ago. Since our first encounter, Kenny has done his part in breaking down boundaries between the world of fine art and high-end cars, including a showcase of 13 of his cars at Design Miami / Basel, as well as the two-part auction Hoarders in conjunction with Sotheby’s.

Now, Kenny Schachter has curated an exhibition that celebrates the automobile’s role in the car world. Unsafe at any Speed is on display at Morton St. Partners – a new exhibition space and consultancy in the West Village of New York City – until 8 May 2022. Appointments can be booked online. The inaugural show features drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, cars, and NFTs from artists from all over the world – and among these works a concept vehicle by Zaha Hadid. While there are many notable works on display, we must confess that we are particular fond of the see-through 1969 Citroën Mehari made of Plexiglas – a car more slinky than Botticelli’s "The Birth of Venus".